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MarketPlace365 gives you the tools to create an online community for your market sector or area of interest by delivering synergy and momentum that standalone websites can't match. Proven search engine optimization (SEO) techniques combined with comprehensive communications tools and built-in analytics make your MarketPlace365 venue a great value for exhibitors. As a promoter who develops a marketplace, your opportunities to generate ongoing revenue streams are nothing short of exceptional.

MarketPlace365 enables you to:

Create a community - MarketPlace365 draws together visitors with similar interests from around the world to create a community for commerce, social interaction, and information exchange. Whatever your model — trade show, academic meeting, shopping mall, etc. — your MarketPlace365 venue becomes the 24/7/365 online destination for your subject matter, continuously providing a valuable pool of qualified leads for sales or membership.

Keep your momentum - Physical trade shows, conferences and meetings are limited to a specific time and location. By giving your event a life online between physical gatherings, MarketPlace365 keeps attendees, customers and members engaged and this platform also creates additional opportunities to further recoup investments in your event. Because MarketPlace365 enables exhibitors and promoters constantly to update and add new and relevant content with integrated features such as break-out sessions, product demos, a “YouTube-like” media library and social networking lounge, the online version will maintain ongoing interest instead of simply recapping a past event.

Attract more traffic - Our SEO techniques automatically improve placement in search engine results and, combined with our promotional programs and targeted ad placements, they continuously drive visitors to your marketplace. The more exhibitors or merchants you sign up, the more multi-media content you provide and the more this effect is multiplied. Therefore, your marketplace will create an ever-increasing attraction to everyone who is interested in related products or information.

Build recurring revenues - Your base revenue is the rent paid by exhibitors or merchants for virtual booths and storefronts. Additional revenues come from areas such as sponsorships, banner advertising, marketing services, and pay-per-view. The more you promote and expand your venue, the more your revenue opportunities grow.

Understand your visitors - MarketPlace365 tracks what individual visitors view, download and listen to while in your venue, and our built-in analytics help you dissect the accumulating data for a deeper understanding. These features enable your offerings to be tailored to your visitors’ needs and interests. They also help you craft sales pitches to specific interests, thereby converting visitors into customers or members.

MarketPlace365 also offers you:

A low-risk opportunity
- At Onstream Media, we want to establish long-term relationships with our customers, so we’ve made it easy to get you started on building your marketplace by eliminating large, up-front fees. MarketPlace365 operates on a low cost monthly subscription fee with minimal set-up costs in order to reduce your barrier to entry to help you succeed.

An all-in-one solution - MarketPlace365 is a complete solution with flexible, powerful tools that are built to work seamlessly together and provide a single point of support. With MarketPlace365, you’ll have numerous, advanced media capabilities at your fingertips such as streaming video, live chat, blogs, webinars, a searchable media library and discussion forums. All of these facilities and many more are built in and ready to provision.

A user-friendly setup - With MarketPlace365, you don't need to be an IT wizard to get your marketplace running or keep it fresh. Our easy to use drag-and-drop interface lets you choose the nature of your virtual venue (trade show, mall, etc.) and then provision it with content—all in just a few short hours.

Field-proven reliability - Onstream Media is a leading provider of digital media communications solutions in areas such as video streaming, ad insertion, webcasting, web conferencing, webinars and content publishing. MarketPlace365 builds on our proven expertise in all of these areas.