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About MarketPlace365

MarketPlace365™ is a service of Onstream Media Corporation (NASDAQ: ONSM), an online service provider of live and on-demand Internet video, corporate web communications and content-management applications.

Onstream Media provides global organizations with a rich set of tools that facilitate the integration of data, video, and voice to offer true media management and online communication services across multiple locations and platforms.

Onstream Media's pioneering Digital Media Services Platform (DMSP) technology includes cost-effective tools for encoding, managing, indexing, and publishing content via the Internet. Onstream Media’s DMSP also provides an efficient workflow for transcoding and publishing user-generated content; intelligent delivery and syndication of video advertising; streaming video; mobile streaming; and supports pay-per-view for online video and other rich media assets. In addition, Onstream Media provides live and on-demand webcasting, webinars and web and audio conferencing services.  

MarketPlace365 is Onstream Media Corporation’s newest service offering, an online platform that enables the creation of multimedia marketplaces for organizing highly specific information on any subject category or industry. This virtual marketplace provides an interactive social environment with the primary purpose of facilitating lead generation and commerce of any kind.

MarketPlace365 is self-provisioned, enabling anyone, including individuals as well as large corporations, to create their own online business. MarketPlace365 is also a low cost solution, easy to operate without IT involvement and can scale to any size.  

By integrating Onstream Media’s proprietary digital media applications, including archiving, transcoding, user-generated video, customized players, video advertising, secure streaming and pay-per-view, MarketPlace365 provides the infrastructure and tool set to build essentially any type of “marketplace.” These marketplaces include virtual trade shows, specialty shopping malls, job fairs, medical facilities and corporate information centers among others.

Onstream Media’s webcasting and web conferencing services are also integrated into the MarketPlace365 platform to facilitate live and on-demand events including presentations and breakout sessions.

Virtual trade shows and online marketplaces represent the wave of the future. Top marketing professionals and social media gurus have already started touting the many benefits of virtual trade shows. Seize the opportunity to grow your business with Onstream Media’s all-encompassing MarketPlace365 solution and begin tapping into thousands or millions of potential customers that are online today.