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Keep member interest while expanding your membership base. MarketPlace365 gives associations the tools not only to address members’ needs efficiently but also to create an environment that draws in new members by becoming the destination of choice for that community of interest. Imagine a 24/7 virtual headquarters offering much more than announcements and member services by including facilities for events such as lectures, presentations, and screenings, as well as a research library, and meeting/discussion areas for members with common interests. MarketPlace365 delivers all of these features.

MarketPlace365 is an integrated, ready-made package that lets you focus on outreach and community-building rather than development and maintenance. With built-in options for sponsorship, advertising, and lead generation, MarketPlace365 opens the door to supplemental revenues that can keep your association healthy and reduce the support burden borne by the members. Here are just some of the tools that MarketPlace365 offers to help your association thrive:

Low barrier to entry – We are structured to succeed when you prosper over the long term, so we don’t charge set-up fees, enabling you to get up and running quickly — without a large, up-front investment.

Fast, easy setup — MarketPlace365 is self-provisioned via a simple drag-and-drop interface which empowers non-technical personnel to build virtual venues for a continuous presence and special events.

Active engagement - Unlike traditional websites, which can be static and impersonal, MarketPlace365 permits a dynamic collaboration between an association and its members. Forums and chats give members ongoing opportunities to network with other members and share thoughts on issues of interest. Webinars, webcasts, and screenings offer the excitement of real-time events. Additionally, RSS feeds keep members up to date on the latest news or mobilized for urgent and immediate action.

Learning resources — Access to content syndication, libraries of documents and media give members the chance to learn at their own convenience from other members as well as from outside resources deemed valuable by the association.

Value for members — MarketPlace365’s advanced features add value to association membership and give members numerous reasons and opportunities to stay active in the organization. Furthermore, members who are excited by what their association has to offer are not only more likely to renew but also to encourage colleagues and friends to join.MarketPlace365 facilitates these opportunities by making it easy for members to invite non-members to attend virtual events and see the benefits for themselves.

Outreach for growth — Built-in search engine optimization (SEO) techniques combine with Onstream Media’s ongoing outreach programs (email marketing, web pages, and public press announcements) to help put your MarketPlace365 presence at the top of the list for everyone interested in your field. With more visitors, you’ll have more opportunities to grow your membership. With our built-in tracking tools, you’ll be able to tell where a visitor goes and what he/she watches, listen to, or downloads, so you can tailor your pitch to individual interests.

New sources of revenue — By making your association more beneficial to members, it also becomes more valuable to anyone who wants to reach them. This opportunity positions you to generate new revenues from sister organizations, event organizers, sponsors, and advertisers, which, in turn, allows you to offer more services and/or keep a lid on membership dues. For members, that’s a win-win.

Lower travel costs — Even the most devoted members may have trouble justifying travel costs to attend one or more association events per year. However, with full-featured virtual event facilities, MarketPlace365 keeps the cost of travel from limiting your members’ ability to gather, interact, learn, and participate fully in the life of the association.