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A tradeshow booth lets you meet potential customers face to face, but it's far from the most efficient or cost-effective way to develop leads, handle inquiries, convey information, or maintain regular contact with partners and prospects. MarketPlace365’s virtual tradeshow does all that and more, extending the benefits of traditional tradeshows beyond the limits of time and place. Designed to complement the live tradeshow experience, MarketPlace365 brings the most productive aspects of real-world tradeshows into an online context, where their effectiveness can be amplified by next-generation technology.

MarketPlace365 provides exhibitors with a year-round virtual booth that is open to existing and prospective customers at their convenience, anywhere and anytime. Ready-to-use facilities provide the ability to display, demonstrate, and discuss products, offering virtual booth visitors the information and interaction they would expect in person.

Built with field-proven elements integrated into a comprehensive, ready-made solution, MarketPlace365 is a powerful and amazingly affordable way to keep tradeshow momentum working for your company all year long. Here's a look at what MarketPlace365 can do for tradeshow exhibitors:

Attract better leads for less money - MarketPlace365's integrated search engine optimization (SEO) techniques use meta-tags derived from your own booth content to deliver qualified visitors right to your booth. Once there, visitor’s actions are tracked and a continuously-refined profile is built using lead scoring methodology. With a clearer understanding of your prospects' interests, you will be more effective in tailoring your pitch to their needs.

Generate wider online exposure - Exhibiting in a MarketPlace365 virtual venue puts you where the action is in your market sector, so you can tap into the traffic being driven to the virtual tradeshow. Visitors coming for tradeshow events, or simply to find many related companies in a single location, will know you are there and be able to see what you have to offer. That means you'll be positioned to capture prospects that wouldn't have found you in a standalone setting.

Create enhanced visitor experience - MarketPlace365 won't replace your own website, but it will offer a wide variety of compelling features — live and on-demand video, online chat, discussion forums, Webinars, RSS feeds, etc. — that would require enormous time and resources to develop and support on your own. The more interesting and informative you make your virtual booth; the more your visitors will come back, creating additional opportunities to drive home your message.

Realize better return on resources - With MarketPlace365, the resources you put into tradeshows aren't lost when the exhibit hall closes on the last day. Your virtual booth gives you a place to keep and present assets such as presentations, demos, and collateral working for you throughout the year. Furthermore, during the show itself, your virtual booth can handle many of the functions that would otherwise require on-site personnel, allowing you to operate more efficiently and reduce overall costs.