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MarketPlace365 FAQ

What is MarketPlace365?
Onstream Media’s MarketPlace365 is a powerful, all-encompassing, lead generation; social media marketing; and communications platform that enables publishers, associations, trade show promoters and entrepreneurs rapidly and cost-effectively to self-deploy and manage their own highly profitable, online virtual marketplaces.

Who is MarketPlace365 targeted to?
The solution is primarily designed for publishers, associations, trade show organizers and entrepreneurs. However, retailers, enterprises, health care organizations and educators are also potential MarketPlace365 customers.

How does MarketPlace365 compare to physical events?
Onstream’s MarketPlace365 captures the true look and feel of being actually at a tradeshow. For example, MarketPlace365 lets attendees easily move through online aisles and from virtual booth to booth comparing products and services.

Once at an exhibitor’s booth, visitors can review and download various promotional materials, watch a variety of live or on-demand webcasts, play informational videos and/or chat live with product specialists.

What is the cost for MarketPlace365?
MarketPlace365 is available with no setup fees. At Onstream Media, we'd rather have you as a long-term customer than set you back with big up-front fees. As a result, MarketPlace365 operates on a "pay-as-you-grow" structure that minimizes your barrier to entry and maximizes our incentives to help you succeed.

How effective is MarketPlace365 for lead generation?
Onstream’s MarketPlace365 is designed to produce quality leads at a fraction of the cost of other marketing initiatives. Our solution enables marketers to showcase their products and services in new and exciting ways. For example, a promoter can feature video ad banners, movie-quality webcasts, information-packed webinars and real-time chatting within his/her virtual tradeshow environment.

BtoB Magazine named virtual tradeshows as one of the Top 10 Marketing Trends in 2010 in their 2/1/2010 online issue. In fact, many companies report that the number of qualified leads resulting from a virtual show is 4 to 5 times greater than the number resulting from a physical event.

What are some of the key differentiators?
Ongoing, updateable venues — Unlike physical trade shows that last just a few days, MarketPlace365's ongoing, updateable venues fully support real-time events while building new business and personal relationships all year long.

Minimal upfront costs or ongoing investment — MarketPlace365 operates on a "pay-as-you-grow" basis that gets your venue up and running with virtually no up-front costs. Our model gives us every incentive to help you succeed.

Easy self-provisioning — Whether creating a single booth or an entire show, MarketPlace365's fast, intuitive interface keeps you in full control, letting you define your content and your look and feel without IT staff involvement.

Multiple revenue opportunities — MarketPlace365 offers integrated advertising programs to help promoters and exhibitors create additional revenue streams - such as banner ads, white paper downloads, pay-per-view, sponsorships and links to related products and services.

What are some of the key features and benefits of MarketPlace365?
With its powerful combination of must-have features, MarketPlace365 is far more than simply a virtual trade show — it's an all-inclusive, year-round venue for lead generation and member support, including:

Anytime, anywhere access — Airports, hotels, trade shows, and seminars may be good for someone else's business, but are they central to yours? MarketPlace365 keeps the focus on meeting rather than traveling.

Rich, engaging experiences — MarketPlace365 continuously attracts new visitors by supporting engaging experiences that go beyond downloadable documents such as data sheets and whitepapers; grabs their attention with streaming video, audio, and presentations; and gets them participating in real-time events such as webcasts, conferences, and product demos.

On-demand presentations — MarketPlace365's virtual auditorium and learning center let you turn one-time events into long-term resources that keep informing well after the live presentations, demonstrations, and discussions are done.

State-of-the-art communications — Using an arsenal of communication tools such as webcasting, webinar, direct chat, press release distribution, RSS feeds, and a widget briefcase, MarketPlace365 takes full advantage of the latest technologies for targeting your message and getting it into the right hands.

SEO-driven traffic — Sophisticated search engine optimization techniques drive traffic to exhibitors, delivering highly qualified leads and creating opportunities for additional revenue streams from targeted advertising and sponsored links.

What ways can I generate revenue from my virtual show?
Your base revenue is the rent paid by exhibitors or merchants for booths and storefronts. The more you promote and expand your venue, the more your revenue opportunities grow.

Aside from the exhibitor online booth fees you can expect to receive, your MarketPlace365 virtual tradeshow can be a moneymaker in various ways, such as:
• Banner advertisements
• Sponsorships
• Marketing services
• Pay-per-view webcasts
• Content syndication
• Partner programs
• eCommerce integration
• And much more…

What kind of analytical reports can I expect?
MarketPlace365 provides analytics such as: booth visits, webinar registrations, content viewed, chat and social media participation and more.

Organizers can then adapt content accordingly—and share that market intelligence with sponsors so that they, too, can adapt content as needed.

MarketPlace365’s analytics also help you to tailor pitches to specific interests, thereby converting visitors into customers or members.

What kind of technical expertise do I need to have?
MarketPlace365 is designed for business users. No IT resources are required — thanks to the built-in templates, work flows and intuitive, drag-and-drop provisioning which streamlines the entire process.

With MarketPlace365, you don't need to be an IT wizard to get your marketplace running or keep it fresh. Our easy drag-and-drop interface lets you choose the nature of your virtual venue (trade show, mall, etc.) and then provision it with content — all in just a few days.

How many people do I need to run it?
Depending upon the size and scope of your MarketPlace365 virtual tradeshow, we recommend 1 full-time or part-time resource. Event managers, PR managers/directors, brand managers and even third-party agencies are ideal for managing, promoting and growing your online venue.

How do I market my show?
Once you sign up as a promoter, Onstream Media will provide you with a marketing primer that will discuss all of the techniques essential for marketing your show. These include: E-mail, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Trade Ads, Trade Shows, etc.