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MarketPlace365 is a powerful, lead-generation platform that brings communities of interest together for commerce and information exchanges. Open 24/7 and accessible around the globe, MarketPlace365 amplifies the benefits of trade shows, meetings, and conventions, while providing a continuous, centralized venue with game-changing advantages such as streaming media, social networking, and advanced analytics.

MarketPlace365 enables you to:

A low-risk opportunity - At Onstream Media, we want to establish long-term relationships with our customers, so we’ve made it easy to get you started on building your marketplace by eliminating large, up-front fees. MarketPlace365 operates on a low cost monthly subscription fee with minimal set-up costs in order to reduce your barrier to entry to help you succeed.

Create ongoing, updateable venues - Unlike trade shows — physical or virtual — that last just a few days, MarketPlace365's ongoing, updateable venues fully support real-time events while building new connections all year long.

Enjoy anytime, anywhere access - Airports, hotels, physical trade shows, and seminars may be good for someone else's business, but are they central to yours? MarketPlace365 eliminates the barriers to connecting, keeping the focus on meeting, rather than traveling.

Rich, engaging experiences - MarketPlace365 keeps visitors coming by supporting engaging experiences that go beyond downloadable documents such as data sheets and whitepapers. Grab visitors' attention with streaming video and/or audio presentations, and get them participating in real-time events such as webcasts, conferences, and product demos.

Content archive - MarketPlace365's multimedia library feature lets you turn one-off events into long-term resources that keep informing long after the live presentations, demonstrations, and discussions are finished.

State-of-the-art communications- With an arsenal of communication tools — direct chat, PR distribution, RSS feeds, and a widget briefcase — MarketPlace365 takes full advantage of the latest technologies for targeting your message and getting it into the right hands.

Easy self-provisioning - Whether creating a single virtual booth or an entire virtual show, MarketPlace365's fast, intuitive interface keeps you in full control, letting you define your content and your look and feel without involving your IT staff.

SEO-driven traffic - Sophisticated search-engine-optimization techniques send traffic to exhibitors, thereby delivering highly-qualified leads and creating opportunities for additional revenue streams from targeted advertising and sponsored links.

Integrated lead management & analytics - Real-time attendee profiling and intelligent lead-scoring techniques combine to add value to each and every lead. Every virtual marketplace created using MarketPlace365 has integrated analytics, which means that MarketPlace365 tracks every movement of the attendee — every download of information and every conversation — and it provides viewing information for all multimedia presentations. The attendee profile is continuously updated from the analytics and the information is further used to help the promoter determine the most effective advertising placement for optimum results.