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MarketPlace365 is a ready-made virtual space with all the facilities needed to attract, interact, and follow through with prospects, customers, members, or other constituents. No other-lead generation or member-service platform offers the same comprehensive collection of integrated features and tools. In fact, no other platform gives you the same flexibility, control, and ease of use. Furthermore, no other platform is structured with so many opportunities to generate substantial, ongoing revenues.

MarketPlace365 enables you to:

Get to market quickly - Given its powerful technology, ease of use, and built-in, multi-tier revenue-generating capacity, you might expect MarketPlace365 to be prohibitively expensive. Not so! Unlike other systems with high startup fees, MarketPlace365 gets you up and running quickly (in days and weeks as compared to months) as a promoter and there are no set-up costs. Because our revenues grow in tandem with yours, we do everything we can to see you succeed. With minimal risk and huge potential, MarketPlace365 stands out as an exceptional business opportunity.

Attract and engage customers - MarketPlace365 venues and booths include all the facilities needed to support a powerful, engaging experience for visitors: real-time events such as webcasts and conferences; visitor participation via discussion groups; streaming for video, audio, and presentations; and downloading for papers and collateral materials. All the promoter needs to do is to provision the various venue facilities with content using a simple drag-and-drop interface that is designed for non-technical personnel. .

Generate Leads - As the virtual venue and its booths are provisioned, MarketPlace365 automatically meta-tags added content and applies advanced search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that improve placement in search engine results. The more exhibitors or merchants a venue attracts in a given area, the more these SEO techniques increase the collective pull of the venue— an effect that can be further enhanced with sponsored search engine placements. The result is that a MarketPlace365 venue creates a powerful draw that can bring in far more qualified leads than a standalone website.

Enjoy easy-to-use templates - Using one of the MarketPlace365 templates, virtually every consumer or business interest topic can be made into a marketplace, such as art, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, sports, real estate, etc. The promoter using MarketPlace365’s self provisioning capability can design the lobby, adding banner ads and general information about the show. The promoter can then leverage his/her organization’s advertising contracts to solicit exhibitors and get a premium price for the show by pulling his/her extensive magazine subscriber mailing lists to gain attendees.

Leverage social networking and syndication tools - MarketPlace365 also provides comprehensive, social networking and syndication tools. These include the ability to text chat with a promoter or sales person, conduct an instant phone call, or generate automatic RSS feeds to every subscriber when new content is added to an exhibitor’s booth or the show. In addition, exhibitors will be able to link their virtual booth at the marketplace on their own website through embeddable HTML code. Exhibitors will also be able to publish specific event listings, such as presentations or demonstration webcasts, based on a preferred category or keyword filters on their website through embeddable HTML code (i.e., reciprocal link building).

Create multi-tier revenue opportunities- As exhibitors see their traffic numbers climb, vendors of related goods and services will be eager to establish their own presence in the venue, boosting overall rental receipts. For example, small venues have the potential to earn tens of thousands of dollars a month. Larger virtual tradeshows can earn millions per year when counting additional revenues that can be realized through effective monetization of the visitor flow, including not only advertising and sponsorships but also pay-per-view video and memberships that grant access to special content.

Onstream Media's proven technologies for all these added features are fully integrated into the MarketPlace365 platform, making it a complete solution for maximizing promoter revenue.