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For publishers in both traditional and online media, MarketPlace365 is all about synergy. You already have the subscribers, the advertisers, and the brand recognition. MarketPlace365 lets you combine these existing strengths into a central gathering place for your entire community of interest, keeping existing readers engaged while attracting new followers and boosting your value to advertisers.

MarketPlace365 enables you to:

Minimize up-front investment - Because MarketPlace365 has everything you need for long-term success, we don't need to charge set-up fees. Instead, we're structured to prosper when you do, so it's in our interest to make sure that you thrive..

Set up quickly and easily - We've done the hard work of developing a powerful, integrated solution that is easy to use. All you have to do is choose your virtual venues and drag in your content. This means you can quickly put MarketPlace365 to work for you without diverting in-house resources from your core mission.

Enhance reader loyalty - MarketPlace365 includes ready-made structures that are optimized to enrich the user’s experience, from related reading to online videos to commerce links. Webinars add real-time excitement, forums connect the community of readers and writers, and RSS feeds ensure that subscribers know when there is something new to enjoy. Your features will keep readers coming back, and advertisers will want to be there when they do.

Expand your reach - Boosting readership means building buzz around all the great things your publication has to offer. MarketPlace365 helps you get the word out. Our built-in search engine optimization (SEO) techniques drive traffic to your MarketPlace365 venue, as do our ongoing outreach programs — email marketing, web pages, and public press announcements — which complement your own promotional efforts.

Validate your value - MarketPlace365 can track the pages visitors see, the discussions they join, the information they download, and the presentations they view. Our integrated analytics allow you to slice this information in ways that make it extremely valuable to advertisers, not only for validating their buys but also for optimizing placement and directly reaching specific sub-sets of readers.

Create new revenue streams - A MarketPlace365 presence effectively gives publishers virtual real estate. As with any real estate, location is everything. Advertisers want to be where the prospects are and, if they want to reach your readers, they will see the value of sponsoring or hosting events at your MarketPlace365 virtual facilities.

Our promotional programs and SEO capabilities work with your own outreach efforts to build up your overall volume of visitors, and our built-in analytics not only help identify potential advertising and sponsorship opportunities, but they also provide the hard data you need to make your case.