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Existing Tradeshow Operators

The traditional tradeshow requires months of effort and outlays but concentrates the opportunity to recoup into just a few short days. MarketPlace365 frees you from this time trap by transforming tradeshows into year-round experiences that generate year-round revenues. Offering a compelling array of features and events, a MarketPlace365 virtual presence complements your physical show, building anticipation before the doors open and keeping attendees engaged long after they return home. The result is not only a stronger, more enthusiastic turnout, but also an ongoing community of interest that sponsors and advertisers will be eager to reach.

MarketPlace365 enables you to:

Lower your up-front investment - MarketPlace365 allows you to test the waters without breaking the bank. With no set-up fees, our revenues come from what you reap by using our facilities. Therefore, your risk is minimized and it is in our interest to ensure that you succeed.

Get going fast - MarketPlace365's simple, drag-and-drop interface makes it quick and easy to build virtual tradeshow venues that provide exhibitors with everything they need to serve their target markets. Special technical expertise in IT or Web design is not required.

Tap new revenues - A venue that draws qualified visitors and keeps them coming back is an attractive market for anyone who wants to reach buyers of related goods and services. MarketPlace365 gives you the tools to find and exploit the revenue-generating potential in your virtual tradeshow audience. A comprehensive set of ready-made facilities supports monetization at a variety of levels including ads, content syndication, pay-per-view, and special events.

Engage existing attendees - Are attendees likely to be more invested if they think about your show just once a year or if they feel like they are part of an ongoing community? A MarketPlace365 virtual presence keeps them engaged year-round in ways that a static website can't. Webcasting, webinars, and syndicated content keep prospects and customers/clients learning about their fields, while social networking helps them interact and make valuable connections. With our built in communications tools, you will be able to keep the benefits of your show on their minds all year long.

Grow your attendance - Everybody gains when a show grows and thrives. MarketPlace365 helps grow turnout by giving existing exhibitors and attendees an engaging destination — to which they can refer others — for a taste of the show's benefits. Additionally, our integrated, search engine optimization (SEO) techniques will drive traffic to your exhibitors' virtual booths, thereby expanding your potential attendee base and reinforcing the view of your show as the place to go for valuable information.

Attract new exhibitors - A MarketPlace365 presence attracts exhibitors because it provides them with multiple, additional opportunities to connect with potential customers at a very low cost-per-lead. Because our system can track the details of every visit — pages viewed, information downloaded, media played, etc. — you'll be able to entice exhibitors with the prospect of gaining invaluable information about the interests and preferences of their visitors.

Cut your costs- MarketPlace365 stretches your marketing dollar by facilitating direct, efficient communication with everyone who comes to your virtual venue to visit exhibitors or attend special events. We also supplement your promotional efforts with our own ongoing outreach programs (email marketing, web pages, and public press announcements), thus helping you build a leading online destination for your industry.